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Leandra Imports - Importers Handicrafts

The Leandra Logo is made up of symbols from our first imports from Mexico, Guatemala and Peru in the early 1980s

The Quetzal bird is found in Mexico and Guatemala. The quetzal was part of the design of many of the woven products we sold then. The Llama symbolises the Alpaca and Llama wool products we used to import from Peru.

The idea to import from these countries came as the result of my travelling (backpacking) throughout Latin America in the 1970s

Leandra Imports has been importing handicrafts from Asia, Central and South America since 1980.

Leandra Imports are importers and wholesalers of Metal Garden ornaments, Indonesian handicrafts, sarongs and accessories

We are wholesale-only suppliers of a wide range of product.

We source all our product ourselves from Indonesia. Some product is designed in New Zealand for the New Zealand tourist market.

Metal garden ornaments are our specialty and are available throughout New Zealand.


Founded in 2013 The Global Village Foundation was established with the sole mission of helping these impoverished families, these disabled children, & disabled adults of Bali (especially North Bali) & also in East Java to a better quality of life & a brighter future.

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